Disadvantages of Fort Worth first time home buyer down payment assistance

Buying home for the first time is a hefty process. Other than the tiring procedures to follow, the main challenge is always based on the financial part. With this challenge, mortgage lenders have arisen and taken the load if the home buyers back. They have always offered purchasing assistance to the Fort Worth first time home buyers. The main challenge that has always been is the deposit requirement that comes with the mortgage lenders. Though some little amounts of as less as 3% of the purchase price, some charge up to 20%. But now here comes financial assistance that will help the home buyer raise the deposits. Though I am very useful, it also has a number of disadvantages. Thus he disadvantages of Fort Worth first time home buyer down payment assistance include:


  1. They come with location restrictions: Since most of these programs are government backed, they always come with a residence restriction. The Fort Worth first time home buyer down payment assistance always requires that their clients purchase their homes only within Fort Worth. This rule applies within all the cities in the state.

  2. They come with relocation restrictions: One of the rules of this program is that the home buyer should stay at the purchased home for a given period of time. As tis assistance always comes as government grants or forgivable loans, the home buyer will be required to repay the grant at a high rate if they defer the rule. This rule may hence limit the home buyer since incase of job transfers, he will not be able to relocate hence introducing some extra costs.

  3. Some may require one to take home buyer education program: For first time home buyers Fort Worth, it is a requirement that they take the government provided home buyer education classes before receiving the grants. Many view this as tiresome as it always covers a period of up to 8 hours while others see it as just a waste of time.

  4. Stable monthly wage is a requirement to qualify for the Fort Worth first time home buyer down payment assistance: This program is available to clears who earn salaries. They are always provided to people who reach a certain level of income per year.

  5. They have home price limits: With this program, a Fort Worth first time home buyer is limited on the price of the home he will purchase. This restriction may thus lead to failure to full the home buyer’s interests. 

  6. It is entirely for first time home buyers: This service may not be available for the current home buyer if incase he would like to purchase another home in the future.

Or those first time home buyers struggling with deposit requirements, this program will offer your assistance and an advantage of it is that the loan may be forgone.